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How to Buy Art

You can buy an artwork by contacting me via Instagram or Facebook. My name is Marina Butenko. 5 years ago I moved from Kyiv, Ukraine to Greenville, SC. I created this website to help those in need in Ukraine. I have no words how supportive local community is. 

Scroll down and see art work that local artists donated to help Ukraine.

All money from sales will be donated to Direct Support to Ukraine​. This is managed by Jack Robert Connolly and his wife Karolina Connoly. Your donations help feed, evacuate and house people in Ukraine.

I'll be able to deliver only in Greenville area. If you are willing to donate you art please reach out. Please share this information among your friends and family.

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Karolina Connolly is a local artist who was born and raised in Ukraine. She and her husband Jack currently managing to help directly those who are in Ukraine through their strong connections. Karolina is willing to sell her artwork and all money will be donated to Direct Support to Ukraine​.

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