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Knowledge is power. Our adversary in the Kremlin made disinformation one of his primary weapons. His media, Sputnik and RT, are responsible for widespread disinformation: during the first stage of our war, which began in 2014, it was hard for us to prove the war was real, and a result of Russian aggression rather than some internal civil conflict.

We don’t have powerful international TV assets, but I can recommend some resources for real information about our war.

  • Ukrinform – A Ukrainian info agency with a multilingual site

  • – Another info agency with English-language coverage 

  • InformNapalm – A collection of open-source investigations with many insights.

Author: Victor Tregubov. Victor Tregubov is a Ukrainian columnist, political blogger and the former editor-in-chief of Petr and Mazepa online news outlet. He is also a co-founder of the Democratic Axe (Demokratychna Sokyra) political party.

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